ESA Mission Operations Academy (September 2023)

On-site course

ESA cordially invites you to the ESA Mission Operations Hands-On Experience at ESOC, Darmstadt. For more information and to register, visit the event website.

Mission Operations at its best! For the first time, ESA offers this unique 4-day course to bring to life the fascinating world of spacecraft operations with its unique challenges and need for excellent teamwork.

This course provides an insight into the secrets of ESA Space Mission Operation’s success, covering operations concepts, architecture and interfaces, the roles and responsibilities of the different teams, the mission planning and scheduling processes and the different challenges encountered in each mission phase. Finally, how to effectively manage spacecraft anomalies and contingency recovery operations will be discussed and later practised.

The course will be delivered through lectures by ESA experts specialised in the different mission operations domains. Real stories of operational staff battling with wayward spacecraft will be shared whenever appropriate. In addition to the lectures, the participants will gain hands-on experience in mission operations and will be able to immediately apply their gained knowledge during a challenging team simulation set in ESOC’s famous Main Control Room, the heart of ESA mission operations.

This intensive technical course focuses on sharing ESA's vast know-how and expertise in operations with the participants. It is pitched towards professionals of all disciplines who want to quickly acquire a feeling for the broad spectrum of disciplines involved in space mission operations.

This international and interactive working environment also provides an ideal networking opportunity for participants to connect and exchange experiences.

There is the possibility of an optional visit of the European Space Security and Education Centre (ESA/ESEC) including ground stations at Redu as well as the GALILEO ILS center in Belgium for all participants on September 30th.

The registration will close on August 10th, 12:00 hrs CEST. Please visit this website to sign up.

The event will be in-person only.


  • introduce participants to the fascinating world of spacecraft operations with its unique challanges and anned for excerllent teamwork. 
  • provide insights into the secretes of ESA Space Mission Operation's success and how to effectively manage spacecraft anonmalies and contingency recovery operations
  • help participants gain hands-on expereince in mission operations



Important Dates:

10 July 2023: Registration opens

10 August 2023: Registration closes

14 August 2023: Notification of acceptance

25-30 September 2023: ESA Mission Operations Course 



25.9. Optional (but recommended): Welcome Drink and Dinner @ Roeders (included in fee)


  • Introduction
  • Concept of Operations, Architecture and Interfaces
  • Mission Analysis
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Space Debris
  • ESOC tour



  • Ground Facilities
  • Mission Operations Segment Integration, Verification and Validation
  • From LEOP to Routine
  • Spacecraft Anomaly Management and Contingency Operations
  • Hands-on "Space Debris"



  • Mission Planning and Scheduling
  • Innovative Mission Operations
  • Introduction to Main Control Room Systems and Voice Loop Procedures
  • OPS-SAT pass



  • Introduction to Team Simulation Exercise
  • Team Simulation Exercise
  • Conclusion


30.9.: Optional: Visit of ESA/ESEC (European Space Security and Education Centre) at Redu in Belgium including ground stations (not included in fee; fee max. €400 depending on number of participants)

Note: including business networking lunch breaks with ESA experts



ESA experts specialised in the different mission operations domains


Cancellation policy

see event website

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