Upcoming courses and events


IPR in early ESA Technology Development activities (June 2024)

Starts on: 25 Jun 2024 - 10:00 (CEST) Ends on: 25 Jun 2024 - 12:00 (CEST)
An interactive webinar with ESA's Contracts Officer Mr Anže Singer, will take place on 25 June 2024 at 10:00 CEST.



Industry Information webinar about ESA’s new Profit Policy (2023)

Watch the recording of the online information session for industry about ESA's new Profit Policy which took place on 12 April 2023.

Awareness session: The ESA Whistleblowing System

This awareness session about ESA's whistleblowing system is targeted at persons and entities external to ESA, specifically at industry.

ECOS self-training

This e-learning module provides access to the ECOS self-training manual and the associated training support files.

Short course: Compliant Cost Rates and Overheads for ESA Projects

This e-learning module contains a recording of the "Compliant Cost Rates and Overheads for ESA Projects" training session given on the occassion of…



Last Update:11 December 2023 - 11:46 (CET)

Register now for upcoming Intellectual Property and Patents Webinars in part 2 of the lecture series.

Last Update:12 September 2023 - 14:31 (CEST)

Discover how to activate notifications in esa-match to be alerted when new training courses are published on the Learning Hub.

Last Update:9 May 2023 - 19:07 (CEST)

The Software Product Assurance Workshop 2023 will take place at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESA/ESAC) near Madrid, Spain, on 25 - 28 September.

Last Update:12 September 2023 - 14:18 (CEST)

Register now for webinars about patents and intellectual property (IP) provided as part of a new online lecture series, given in the November and December 2022 timeframe.