IPR in early ESA Technology Development activities (June 2024)


An interactive webinar with ESA's Contracts Officer Mr Anže Singer, will take place on 25 June 2024 at 10:00 CEST.

During the webinar, which is targeted at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, the trainer will inform the community about the fundamental principles of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and how ESA deals with IPRs in its early technology development activities. The trainer will share some practical examples of IPR from everyday life and how to protect them, and will provide aspects of ESA's legal basis for dealing with the IPRs and what to be aware of when reading ESA's Invitation to Tenders and its draft contracts.

The presentation and Q&A session will last about 120 minutes.

  • to learn about the fundamental principles of IPR
  • to learn how to protect some of the most common types of IPR
  • to learn about IPR in the ESA environment, namely in the early technology development activities
  • to learn what to pay special attention to when reading contractual and tendering conditions in an Invitation to Tender regarding the IPR

The agenda of the session covers the following topics:

  • overview of what Intellectual Property is
  • definitions and practical examples of IPR and their potential protection
  • common types of IPR in the ESA environment
  • legal basis for IPR in ESA
  • definitions and practical examples of contractual and tendering aspects relating to IPR in ESA's early technology development activities
  • some advice based on prominent topics

ESA Contracts Officer

The webinar is organised in the frame of the SME Initiative programme.

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