CCD module for esa-star – Demo for Contract Managers


The esa-star CCD (Contract Closure Documentation) module is intended to fully replace the CCD Layout in paper format defined in the Annex A of the ESA Contracts. It is an initiative aimed to simplify and optimise the contract closure management and approval workflow, allowing Entities’ Contract Managers to fill-in and submit the relevant contract closure information and documentation electronically at the end of the contract.

This demo will provide an overview of the platform and guide users through the user interface, access rights, basic navigation, and how to fill in and submit a CCD using the platform, alongside with the relevant deliverables.

This demo covers:

  • Navigating the user interface and understanding the different features available
  • Understanding the workflow between creating a CCD and getting it approved
  • An overview of user access rights
  • How to fill in and submit a CCD and contract deliverables using the new module
  • Searching for a specific CCD using the Advanced Search functionality



By the end of this demo, entities will have a basic understanding of the Contract Closure Documentation module on esa-star and how to use it effectively. They will be able to navigate the user interface, fill in and submit CCDs and deliverables, and use the advanced search functionality.


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