Compliant PSS-A Forms for ESA Projects (November 2023)


A company participating in an ESA Invitation To Tender (ITT) is required to complete a financial proposal that includes the ESA Procedures, Specification and Standards Forms – known as PSS forms.

ESA PSS forms show cost data and are required under the General Conditions of Tender for ESA Contracts (ESA/REG/001, rev.5, Annex IV).

The Tender Evaluation Board (TEB) uses this information to conduct a review, comparison and selection from the various tenders received in response to an ITT. The information in the PSS tables is used to break down costs and give transparency to the total price of an industrial proposal.



The aim of the course is to help participants better understand the PSS forms, enabling them to construct a coherent financial proposal. For those new to ESA, the course gives an introduction to the PSS terminology and demonstrates the links between the costing forms.



The slides and other resources will be available after the webinar for accepted participants. Once logged in, a new tab called "Resources" will appear on the top right next to "General Info".



ESA Industrial Audit Section


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