ESA REACH Tool Webinar (March 2024)


This webinar will follow on from the REACH Awareness session being held on the 6th February, so it is strongly recommended to attend that session first if you are unfamiliar with the EU chemicals regulation, REACH.

This ESA REACH Tool webinar is aimed at employees working for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), although it will be applicable to all manufacturers and agencies. It is intended to demonstrate how the ESA REACH Tool can be used by space SMEs to help manage their compliance with REACH and mitigate against their risk of REACH-driven materials obsolescence. In addition, the webinar will include a live demonstration and there will be the opportunity to ask questions on how best to use the tool. Note use of the ESA REACH tool is FREE to any European organisation with an ESA Entity code, at the discretion of the ESA REACH Officer.


The session aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the ESA REACH Tool amongst ESA suppliers;
  • Demonstrate the functionalities of the tool and how it can aid with REACH compliance and materials obsolescence management;
  • Provide practical tips on how to get started and how to manage your material portfolio using the ESA REACH Tool.



Preliminary agenda:

  1.     Introduction to the ESA REACH Tool, speakers, agenda and goal of the webinar
  2.     A quick recap of the REACH Awareness session and the basic principles of REACH
  3.     Why use the ESA REACH Tool?
  4.     How it works?
    1. Available REACH substance lists
  5.     How to get started?
    1. Registration (ESA Entity code required)
    2. Substance search and evaluation
    3. Materials search and evaluation
    4. Managing your own materials portfolio
  6.     Wrap-up and Key benefits
  7.     Questions & Answers



ESA REACH Office and REACHLaw (Consultant)


Cancellation policy

In case you have registered but cannot attend the session, please click on "Leave course" on the right-hand side of the course page to inform the organisers.


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