Short course: Compliant Cost Rates and Overheads for ESA Projects


This e-learning module contains a recording of the "Compliant Cost Rates and Overheads for ESA Projects" training session given on the occassion of the virtual Industry Space Days 2020. The presentation is an abridged version of the standard training provided.

About the training:

The presentation is aimed at Financial Managers and Project Controllers of industrial entities, especially Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, wanting to work with ESA. It covers topics such as:

  • Industrial Cost Audits at ESA
  • Detailed Rates calculation
  • Non-allowable costs
  • Reasonability criteria
  • Escalation of Froward Rates
  • Rates Agreements


  • Understand how to calculate hourly rates and overheads in line with ESA guidelines
  • Learn how rates are linked to and used in PSS forms which companies must complete in order to participate in an ESA Invitation to Tender (ITT)


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