Technology Readiness Levels and the ESA TRL Calculator (March 2024)


This course introduces participants to the concept of Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) for the space segment: what TRL is, why it was created, its benefits and how it fits in the project life-cycle in early phases.

Links with the ECSS framework for ESA projects are explained, encompassing the management, engineering, quality assurance and space sustainability standards. The connection between New Space projects and TRL is defined. In addition, a suggested Document Requirement List for each TRL is provided, to be used for preparations for Invitation to Tender or Contract Closure Documentation.

Finally, a demo on the new ESA TRL Calculator tool is run (afternoon session).

To attend, some basic knowledge of the space project life-cycle and on how ECSS is structured is recommended.



At the end of the training, participants will:

- be aware of and understand the concept of Technology Readiness Levels and what it entails;

- be aware of links with the ECSS framework;

- be acquainted with and able to use the new ESA TRL calculator tool.



Lorenzo Marchetti, ESA TEC-QQM



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