ECSS discipline E-20 Electrical and optical engineering (May 2023)

The course will provide attendees with:

  • a basic understanding of key requirements in ECSS-E-ST-20-C and other E-20 series standards.
  • better familiarity with some of the E-20 standards, capability to assess e.g. RFDs or RFWs with proper knowledge of the underlying rationale.


The course is aimed at project system engineers and electrical architects.

ECSS discipline E-31 Thermal Control (May 2023)

The curse will provide a high-level overview on the space thermal engineering field, interactions and impact of the TCS (thermal control subsystem) throughout a project lifecycle, and familiarity with the ECSS thermal control standard (E-31).

Skills to be acquired at the course:

  • High level overview on the space thermal engineering field
  • Interaction and impact of the TCS (Thermal Control subsystem) throughout a project lifecycle
  • Getting familiarized with the thermal ECSS standard


The course will cover: