ECSS discipline E-32 Structural (June 2023)


The course aims to provide the attendants an overview of the spacecraft structural design, analysis and verification process related to the ECSS Standards, Handbooks and other literature.

The following topics are covered:

  • Structural General Requirements
  • Structural Verification Cycle
  • Load types and derivation (steady state, low frequency dynamics, high frequency acoustics and structure born vibrations, shock, thermal, constraints, micro-vibrations, etc.)
  • Development Approach (prototype, proto-flight, STM, etc.)
  • Design of Structures (material, processes, assembles, joints, allowable stress/load, etc.)
  • Mechanical Analysis (models, validation, static dynamic, acoustic, stability, thermo-elastic, micro-vibrations, sloshing, system, subsystem, etc.)
  • Damage Tolerance (hardware inspection, analytical verification, specific testing, etc.)
  • Testing (static, modal, sine, acoustic, random, thermal, micro-vibrations, pressures, etc.)
  • Structural requirements flow down
  • Mechanical Interfaces (Handbooks)



Acquiring generic knowledge of structural design, materials and processes use and characterization, joining methods, analyses, testing, and model philosophy, leading to structural verification.


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