ECSS discipline E-40 Software Engineering (March 2023)


This course is designed to provide course participants with an understanding of space software engineering and associated standards.

It explains the ECSS E-40 software engineering discipline and standard (ECSS-E-ST-40C) in the context of the overall ECSS standardization framework, the software life cycle processes within the system life cycle, and provides a road map to its applications for ESA projects.

The importance of addressing software issues in the early stage of a space system definition will be explaned.

The course will also address how to tailor and apply the ECSS software engineering standard to software projects and the evolutions proposed in the next revision of the standard.

Skills acquired at the course:

  • why software engineering is important, and its place in the system
  • how to tailor (and assess tailoring of) the ECSS-E-ST-40C standard to your project’s needs
  • how to monitor your software project using the ECSS-E-ST-40 standard


A walk-through the various requirements in the software engineering discipline (E-40) and its application (tailoring) and verification in ESA programmes. The course will focused on key elements at discipline and inter-discipline levels.

The training includes the role of software in the overall system, a roadmap to the E-40 and Q-80 (Software Product Assurance) disciplines, and the keys to tailoring.



The objectives of the E-40 Software Engineering course are to:

  • manage your software project for space and ground applications;
  • understand the significance and procedures of the process;
  • know what ESA expect from you;
  • identify potential sources of project failures as early as possible; and
  • bridge the System and Software domains.





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