ECSS discipline E-60 Control Engineering (October 2023)


The course will cover the following topics:

  1. Overview of the E-60 discipline documents:
  • E60 branch was conceived as engineering standards and handbooks for (control engineering handbook, control performance standard).
  • Lower level documents are specific to AOCS (AOCS requirements, Star sensors).


  1. Control Engineering: E-HB-60A

This high level document covers all aspects of space control engineering including requirements definition, analysis, design, production, verification and validation, transfer, operations and maintenance. It defines the scope of the space control engineering process and its interfaces with management and product assurance, and explains how they apply to the control engineering process.


  1. Control performance Standard: E-ST-60-10C

This standard addresses the issue of control performance, in terms of definition, specification, verification and validation methods and processes.

It defines a general framework for handling performance indicators, which applies to all disciplines involving control engineering. It also focuses on the specific performance indicators applicable to the case of closed-loop control systems – mainly stability and robustness.


  1. Definition of control performance-related terms


  1. Performance specifications and rules for error budgeting


  1. Stability and robustness specification and verification


  1. ESA Pointing Error Engineering Handbook: ESSB-E-HB-E-003

This document focuses on the formulation of a consistent methodology for performing pointing error engineering on system and subsystem level in line with the definitions in E-ST-60-10C, thus enabling systematic requirements engineering and system.


  • Step 1: Pointing Error Source Characterization
  • Step 1: Pointing Error Source versus Statistical Interpretation
  • Step 2: Transfer Analysis
  • Step 3: Error Index Contribution Analysis
  • Step 4: Pointing Error Evaluation


  1. Application cases and Pointing Error Engineering Tool


  1. Star Sensors Terminology & Performance Specification: E-ST-60-20C

This Standard harmonises the terminology and specification definitions for the performance of star sensors (in particular, autonomous star trackers). It focuses on the specific issues involved in the specification of performances of star trackers and is intended to be used as a structured set of systematic provisions.


  1. Gyro terminology and performance specification: ECSS-E-ST-60-21C

This Standard specifies gyros functions and performances as part of a space project. This Standard covers aspects of functional and performance requirements, including nomenclature, definitions, functions and performance metrics for the performance specification of space-borne gyros.


  1. Satellite AOCS Requirements: E-ST-60-30C

The Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) requirements for the development of space programmes are spread among a variety of documents: ESA MRD/SRD, Prime System and Satellite requirements, Sub system specifications and SOW. The level of completeness, the level of detail and the expression of similar requirements vary very much between ESA projects.



This course will provide to participants the broad view of ECSS Control Engineering discipline (E-60).



Jeroen Vandersteen (TEC-SAS) and Nicolas Deslaef (TEC-SAA)


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