ECSS discipline Q-70 Materials, mechanical parts and processes (October 2023)


The course will cover the practical relevance of Materials, Mechanical Parts and Processes (MMPP) Product Assurance from the Q-70 ECSS discipline; the associated processes, milestones, risks associated with the omission of requirements, and the benefits of an adequate and timely implementation of requirements in the project and mission context.

The course will provide the attendees a basic awareness of necessary engineering activities, decision criteria for the selection of materials, mechanical parts and processes, the identification of general risk areas, information resources, and where to find expert support.

The course will cover:

Part 1 – General

  • Introduction
  • Tailoring
  • ECCS Specifications Related to MMPP
  • Terms specific to the present standard
  • Steps to be taken to get approval for MMPP
  • Material Approval
  • Evaluation Programme
  • Material Evaluation
  • The Requirements
  • Material/Mechanical Part Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • MMPP documents delivery
  • Example of DML (Declared Material List), DPL (Declared Process List), and DMPL (Declared Mechanical Part List)
  • PMP (Parts, Materials, Processes) flow chart
  • Properties and requirements to be considered for material selection
  • Material selection
  • Materials used in space
  • Constraints


Part 2 – Classes of materials

  • Shelf Life


Part 3 – Processes used in Aerospace Engineering



The objective of Q-70 Materials, Mechanical Parts and Processes course is to develop a basic understanding and appreciation of PA requirements for Materials, Mechanical Parts and Processes to be used in space projects.


Developed By

Adrian Graham (TEC-MSP), Adrian Tighe (TEC-QEE), Carole Villette (TEC-MSP), and Premysl Janik (TEC-QE)


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