ECSS discipline Q-80 Software Product Assurance (2023)


This webinar, which took place in March 2023, covers the ECSS discipline Q-80 Software Product Assurance.

The following main topics are addressed in the course:

  • Planning and implementation of a software product assurance programme
  • Software process assurance, including software dependability and safety, software reuse, software configuration management
  • Software verification and validation
  • Quality of the software products and processes, including quality models and metrication



The objective of the Q-80 Software Product Assurance course is to provide the participants with an understanding of the software product assurance requirements defined in the ECSS-Q-80 discipline and the corresponding processes implemented in space application projects.

Note: Maximum benefit can be drawn from this course if held in conjunction with the ECSS-E-40 course.

The course will allow the participants:

  • to understand the scope and purpose of software product assurance
  • to get familiar with the ECSS-Q-80 Standard and its relation with the ECSS-E-40 Standard
  • to understand the principles of tailoring of ECSS Standards


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