Introduction to the ECSS system (2023)


This course introduces the ECSS standardisation system. The presentation was held on 8 March 2023.

The session focuses on:

  1. Understanding the ECSS standardisation system
    1. Needs of space standards
    2. ECSS and the commitment of its members
    3. ECSS organisation
    4. Production and approval of standardisation documents in ECSS
    5. ECSS general policies
  2. The ECSS standardisation documentation model
    1. Types of ECSS standardisation documents
    2. ECSS documentation structure (branches and disciplines)
    3. Denomination of ECSS documents
    4. ECSS documents available
    5. The set of ECSS standards as a system
    6. Characteristics of individual ECSS standards and requirements
    7. Anatomy of an ECSS standard
  3. Application in space projects and dissemination of ECSS standards
    1. Tailoring
    2. Requirement management tool: DOORS
    3. Dissemination of ECSS information



Participants watching the replay will gain some basic knowledge about the ECSS standardisation system and how it applies to space projects.


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