IP and patent lecture series: Patenting - what is prior art and how can it be used? (November 2022)


This is the six lecture in a series of nine online sessions about Intellectual Property (IP) and patents, strategic tools to be taken into consideration in a company's business decisions and strategy. The sessions will run in the November + December 2022 time frame.

This lecture will be explaining what 'prior art' means in the patenting process.  What is 'prior art' and why is it raised by patent examiners?  How is it relevant to my patent application/opportunities to patent?  How do you decide if it is relevant and how do you navigate around prior art if it is.  Also, how can 'prior art' help my own R&D?



To provide attendees with an understanding of what prior art is and what/how it is used by both patent examiners and engineers/scientists.  Attendees will gain an appreciation of how to interpret their own patent claims with respect to prior art cited against them and how to overcome arguments against them based on prior art.  Attendees will also learn how the contents of prior art documents can be used to facilitate their own R&D and commercial interests.

Target Group

Anyone wishing to understand prior art in the context of patenting and R&D.



What is 'prior art'   Why is it cited and used in the patenting process?  What are the different types of prior art disclosure and how is each type relevant?  How to avoid creating damaging prior art yourself.  How can you make use of prior art in your own R&D/product development?



D Young & Co LLP


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