IP and patent lecture series: Technology Transfer Agreements (November 2022)


This is the seventh lecture in a series of nine online sessions about Intellectual Property (IP) and patents, strategic tools to be taken into consideration in a company's business decisions and strategy. The sessions will run in the November + December 2022 time frame.

Technology transfer managers and professionals have to deal day to day with a wide range of issues regarding the intangible assets of consideration and also when it comes to draft and negotiate technology license agreements. In this webinar, we will examine the main relevant clauses to be included in those agreements and go through some of the most usual situations that may arise in this context.



This course intends to inform the audience about the essential clauses, contents and implications of negotiating and executing technology transfer agreements.

The target group of the course are companies supported by ESA programmes, in particular SMEs and technology start-ups.


  • Introduction. The interaction between innovation and technology
  • Who / What / How in technology transfer agreements
  • Negotiating a technology transfer agreement: main clauses and implications
  • Examples and discussion
  • Conclusion



Director and Cofounder, The Lighthouse Team


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