ECSS discipline Q-40 Safety (September 2023)


The ECSS Q-40 (Safety) training course will provide basic knowledge of the ESA safety requirements, approach and policy. This will include the understanding of the interactions between safety and the other programmatic and technical disciplines of ESA projects, the tailoring of the safety requirements to project/mission specific objectives and the overview of the main safety analyses and activities to support the process for the requirements implementation.

The course will provide:

  • Development of basic knowledge on the ESA safety policy and principles.
  • Development of basic knowledge of the main safety documents applied in ESA Programs.
  • Understanding of safety requirements and associated activities applicable to ESA projects including brief overview of Hazard Analysis (HA), Safety Data Package (SDP) and Verification Tracking Log (VTL).
  • Understanding of the safety activities to be developed along the project life and acquisition of basic knowledge of the Safety Reviews process.
  • Understanding of the tailoring process of safety requirements to establish ITT and project requirements.


The course will address ECSS Q-40 Safety Discipline and ECSS-Q-ST-40C including the following:

  • Overview of the safety discipline.
  • Relationships and interfaces between safety and other programmatic/technical disciplines.
  • Evaluation of the main safety documents applicable to the ESA projects (e.g. ECSS-Q-ST-40 and of the main launch authority safety applicable documents).
  • Understanding of safety requirements including their tailoring and flow-down from system to lower levels.
  • Overview of the safety analyses and of the safety review process.
  • Explanation of the use of the safety analyses to control and monitor the safety requirements correct implementation and verification.



The objective of the ECSS Q-40 Safety course is to raise a basic knowledge of the ECSS Q-40 discipline, of the safety activities to be performed in the ESA projects, and to address the practical implementation of the requirements in ECSS-Q-ST-40C.



Claudia-Valeria Nardi, ESA


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